Latrovalis Olive Tortiglioni

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November 2, 2020
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February 24, 2021

A heavenly match between pasta and olives, Latrovalis Olive Tortiglioni combines the texture of the groovy large-tube tortiglioni with the unbeatable umami taste of artisanally-cured olives. The secret of success behind this recipe is that it uses Latrovalis Double-stuffed Green Olives with the unique stuffing combination of garlic and jalapeno. Just get an extra jar when you go shopping for this recipe because you will really find it impossible to resist munching on this delicacy while you are preparing the dish!


500 gr / 18 oz Tortiglioni
2 tablespoons kosher salt
1 jar (200 gr / 7 oz) Latrovalis Green Olives Stuffed with Garlic & Jalapeno
½ jar (100 gr / 3.5 oz) Latrovalis Sliced Kalamon Olives
500 gr / 18 oz cherry tomatoes
Extra virgin olive oil
Freshly-ground pepper
Wild dried oregano – if you can find it.
Alternatively, substitute with freshly-chopped parsley

Preparing the ingredients:

Drain the Latrovalis Green Olives Stuffed with Garlic & Jalapeno and cut each one vertically in two. Don’t worry about keeping the garlic and jalapeno stuffing in the halved olives. Drain the Latrovalis Sliced Kalamon Olives. Set the olives aside. Cut each cherry tomato vertically in half.

Cooking the dish:

Coordination is the name of the game in cooking this dish. Your timing must be perfect in order for the pasta to be ready just as you are finishing the olive sauce.

Fill a large pot with 6 liters / 6 quarts of cold water and put on high heat with the lid on top. Set a large pan – one that will fit the cooked pasta – on the stove, but don’t switch on the heat yet. Have all the ingredients handy.

When the water is close to boiling point, start the heat under the pan on high and throw in the cherry tomatoes. Grind some pepper over them. When the water in the pot starts bubbling add the 2 tablespoons of kosher salt. This will momentarily stop the boil, so put the lid back on until the water starts bubbling again. Add the tortiglioni, give them a quick swirl, put the lid back on so that the bubbling returns as quickly as possible, and start the timer. After about a minute, check that the water has started bubbling again and remove the lid. Give the pasta another swirl.

Meantime, when the cherry tomatoes start sizzling vigorously, lower the heat to medium and start swirling now and then with a wooden spoon so that they start blistering and releasing their juices. When they start turning soft and pulpy, add the olives and swirl now and then.

Tortiglioni usually need about 12 minutes to cook, so after 10 minutes start checking.

The pasta has reached “al dente” perfection when its center resists a little on the tooth but it is not crunchy. When the pasta is ready, scoop a cup (200 ml / 7 oz) of the starchy water and add it to the pan. This will loosen the olive sauce and accentuate its taste.

Turn off the heat under the pan and drain the tortiglioni. Add the drained tortiglioni to the pan and give it a good swirl until everything is well combined. If you could find wild dried oregano, crush about a teaspoon of dried leaves in your hand, sprinkle it over the pasta, and give it all a last swirl. Otherwise, use freshly-chopped parsley.

Serve piping hot, and enjoy; it tastes like heaven!