Latrovalis Olive-O-Pack Martini

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August 3, 2020
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November 2, 2020

What better way to wind up an exhausting day than with a Very Dry Martini and an Olive-O-Pack on the side. Our version of Martini pays homage to your favorite brand of Gin or Vodka, so much so that we wouldn’t dare to adulterate it with vermouth.

What you need:

A Martini glass
Your Gin or Vodka of choice
Ice cubes from spring water
A shaker
A sliver of frozen lime peel
Olive-O-Pack Green Olives by Latrovalis

The secret: EVERYTHING you use to make the Martini must have been wellchilled in the freezer beforehand.

Remove the Martini glass, the shaker, the Gin or Vodka, and the ice cubes from the freezer. Place 3 ice cubes in the shaker and pour Gin or Vodka over them. Stir gently for 15 seconds. Strain into the Martini glass and add the frozen sliver of lime peel. Serve with an Olive-O-Pack Green Olives by Latrovalis on the side.

Enjoying the Latrovalis Olive-O-Pack Martini is a ritual. Take a sip of the Martini and don’t be hasty to swallow right away. Give your palate time to savor the taste nuances of your favorite Gin or Vodka. As those taste notes fade after you swallow, your palate becomes ready to be surprised by the umami taste of the juicy green olive. Munch on that and salty and piquant goodness and give your palate a break before the second sip. Let the cornucopia of tastes alternate playfully in your mouth.

Enjoy sensibly