Latrovalis seafood risotto

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March 1, 2020
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May 4, 2020

What you need

2 tablespoons of olive oil
3 spring onions, chopped
1/3 cup white wine
250gr/12oz risotto rice (e.g. Arborio)
50g/2oz Shrimp, shelled
50g/2oz squid, cleaned and thinly sliced
Freshly-ground pepper
3-4 tablespoons Parmesan Cheese
A small bunch of dill
7-8 Latrovalis Kalamon pitted olives chopped in halves

How to cook

In a heavy-based pan add the olive oil

Add the spring onions, the shrimp , the squid, the Latrovalis Kalamon halve olives and the dill. Once combined, add the rice and pour in the wine. Bring to the boil, then remove from the heat and let the rice absorb all the liquid. Now add the Parmesan cheese and mix. The total cooking time is about 20 minutes.

Serve your risotto in a deep dish and decorate it with some parsley. .